You use your makeup brushes every day, but how often are those brushes being cleaned after the fact? As a professional makeup artist, I clean my brushes in between each client. Keep reading to find out the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes and one of my favorite quick and easy ways to do so!

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Cleaning frequently: This is so Important!

Over time, your brushes start to accumulate bacteria. The more you clean your brushes, the less bacteria you are spreading onto your skin. Using dirty brushes can cause clogged pores, leading to more breakouts. Clean brushes also tend to last longer - the better you take care of them, the longer you'll have them!

What should you use to clean your makeup brushes?

The best way to be cleaning your brushes requires only lukewarm water and either a gentle soap or brush cleanser. One of my favorite cleaning tools is the Sigma Spa Beauty Cleaning Mat, it allows you to get a deep clean without messing up the brush bristles. I like to use Baby Johnsons Shampoo for my quick in cleanings and Mac Cosmetics Brush Cleanser for a deeper clean. Baby Johnsons Shampoo is a little more cost effective than Mac Cosmetics Brush Cleanser, however they're both hypoallergenic and work great! The Mac Cosmetics Brush Cleanser gives you a bit more of a deep clean than Baby Johnsons Shampoo.

How do you actually clean the brushes?

Follow these steps while using the Sigma Beauty Cleaning Mat:

1. Place the mat into your sink.

2. Wet the brush bristles. Be sure to not soak the brush handle, this can cause mildew. Soaking the brush handle with also mess with the glue, keeping it attached to the bristles causing it to fall apart.

3. Add a drop of soap on to the mat and rotate your brush in a circular motion along the ridges until the water runs clean.

4. Squeeze out the excess water with a clean towel.

5. Reshape the bristles to its o. Let the brush dry with its bristles down. You want to make sure the water isn't drying into the brush handle, that can cause it to mildew.

One of my favorite drying tools to keep the bristles in shape is The Brush Guard, it makes sure that your bristles stay tight and dry into the perfect shape! After applying the brush guard to my brushes i like to use my Benjabelle Brush Tree to hang them to dry. This helps to make sure there is no water soaking back into the handle.

Ashton Kelley Photography

I hope you enjoyed my quick and easy way to clean your brushes! All items I mentioned are linked to sites where you can purchase them. Let me know how you liked this post!

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